EDURUN 2021 Concludes with VND2.2 billion raised

With the virtual EDURUN DAY as the closing event, EDURUN 2021 (March 16th – April 25th, 2021) has left an indelible imprint of meaningful charitable activity. All the money raised will be spent on building and renovating schools and classrooms for poor children in remote areas.

Impressive figures of EDURUN 2021:

  • 30,000 participants
  • 400,000 km run
  • VND2.2 billion raised

Since its launch, EDURUN 2021 has received enthusiastic support from Vinschool teachers, staff members, parents, and students nationwide as well as external organizations and individuals. Held in various forms, it not only spreads the message “run for education and the community” but also motivates the participants to pick up and make exercise a daily habit.

The VND2.2 billion raised includes VND2 billion acquired from the sales of EDURUN Kits and donations and VND200 million from VinFast as a sponsor.

We would like to call out the names of the 05 largest school contributors to the EDURUN 2021 Charity Fund (through the sales of EDURUN Kits and donations):

No. School Amount raised (VND)
1 Vinschool The Harmony Primary school 292,754,000
2 Vinschool Imperia Primary school 238,660,000
3 Vinschool Green Bay Primary school 193,300,000
4 Vinschool Ocean Park Primary, Secondary & High school 153,137,000
5 Vinschool Central Park Primary school 138,566,700



  1. Top 10 accounts with the longest distance run on 84RACE (from March 16th until 4 PM, April 24th 2021)


    • 01 Feliz e-motorcycle from VinFast worth VND24,900,000 and 01 EDURUN 2021 medal for the runner who secures first place in the rankings.
    • 09 EDURUN 2021 medals for the other runners who make it to the Top 10.
No. Account name Total distance run (km)
1 Phạm Sơn Kiên 1,013.65
2 Huỳnh Quốc Hoà 949.6
3 Stuart McLay 937.64
4 Nguyễn Đức Lương 910.61
5 Võ Thanh Tâm 844.32
6 Lê Thanh Thiết 825.31
7 Hung Ngo 716.97
8 Duong Trinh 664.81
9 Nguyễn Đình Chiến 661.45
10 Hoàng Anh Văn 657.22


  1. Top 10 Vinschool teachers, staff members, parents, and students with the longest distance run on 84RACE (until 4 PM, April 24th, 2021)

Prizes: Each will receive 01 gift set from Supersports, including 01 pair of New Balance sneakers worth VND3,500,000 and 01 LFC T-shirt worth VND1,000,000.

No. Account name Total distance run (km) Team
1 Stuart McLay 937.64 VSC – HO – CHUONGTRINH(Academic Department)
2 Hải Thắm 568.21 VSC-TRUNGHOC-IMPERIA(Imperia Secondary)
3 Trang Dinh 537.63 VSC – MAMNON – T89(Kindergarten – T89)
4 Do Nhu Phuong Thao 517.79 VSC-MAMNON-GARDENIA(Gardenia Kindergarten)
5 Mệnh Lê 515.45 VSC-TIEUHOC-CENTRALPARK(Central Park Primary)
6 Đỗ Minh Phương 503.96 VSC-TIEUHOC-HARMONY(Harmony Primary)
7 Thùy Dung Trần Nữ 465.01 VSC-TRUNGHOC-T37(Times City T37)
8 Trần Văn Linh 449.57 VSC-TIEUHOC-CENTRALPARK(Central Park Primary)
9 Trương Thị Hữu 403.61 VSC_PTLC_GOLDENRIVER(Golden River Primary & Secondary)
10 Ngọc Ngân Trần 396.88 VSC-TIEUHOC-CENTRALPARK(Central Park Primary)


  1. Top 05 teams with the longest distance run on 84RACE (until 4 PM, April 24th, 2021) 

PrizesEach will receive 01 Vsmart Aris smartphone from VinSmart.

No. Team Number of members Total distance run (km)
1 VSC-TIEUHOC-HARMONY(Harmony Primary) 212 10,957.6
2 VSC_PTLC_GOLDENRIVER(Golden River Primary & Secondary) 223 10,388.1
3 VSC-TIEUHOC-CENTRALPARK(Central Park Primary) 169 9,194.25
4 VSC-TRUNGHOC-T37(Times City T37) 258 8,872.34
5 VSC-TIEUHOC-GREENBAY(Green Bay Primary) 102 6,857.66


Results of the Moments of EDURUN 2021 photo competition and the 5-km EDURUN DAY Challenge have been released on Vinschool’s fanpage.

(*) The individual and team winners will be contacted within 01 week after the results are announced.

Congratulations to all individual and team winners of EDURUN 2021!


For more details of EDURUN 2021, please click HERE.

Phone number: 024 3975 3333 (extension: 6656)

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