EDURUN 2020: 30-Day Running Challenge

With a desire to contribute further to the community, Vinschool Education System has decided to launch EDURUN 2020 under the theme “I race, You race, Education wins”. What makes this year’s event so special is that the participants will engage in the ”30-day running challenge with Vinschool”.

EDURUN brings together thousands of students and families and a lot of companies, organizations and celebrities to spread the spirit of compassion.

Held by Vinschool Education System since 2015 to promote the sports movement for health and charity purposes, EDURUN has attracted nearly 40,000 participants and spread the message of compassion to millions of people. Thanks to this meaningful annual event, a lot of classrooms and schools have been built in the most underprivileged parts of Son La, Quang Tri and Dien Bien provinces from the EDURUN proceeds worth VND6.9 billion collected over the years.


To further promote such a great event for health, education and the community, EDURUN 2020 is planned this April in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City. It is expected to attract more than 30,000 runners and raise VND6 billion for poor children.

With the theme “I race, You race, Education wins”, this year’s event encourages the participants to make exercise a habit for a healthier life, and more importantly, contributes to giving Vietnamese children the access to better education. Therefore, besides the actual race to be held in April, EDURUN 2020 will KICK OFF with a 30-day running challenge for students, parents and staff across the system.



This is the very first year Vinschool has launched a virtual race platform.

Those who are interested may register for free and have their workouts tracked every day with electronic devices, then data will be collected and displayed online. With every kilometer run in each of the 04 phases (04 weeks), the participants will contribute some money to the EDURUN Fund (donated by sponsors), and the specific amount of money will be revealed on a weekly basis. This 30-day challenge aims to attract 30,000 runners with 2 million kilometers run in total and VND3 billion raised for the EDURUN Fund out of the proceeds of VND6 billion.

“Set a goal every day, run anywhere, anytime, and feel happy as every step taken helps support poor children.”


  • TIME: From February 23, 2020 to March 22, 2020
  • 04 PHASES: Targets for each phase are listed as follows:
PHASES Phases Total distance run (km) Total amount of money contributedto EDURUN Fund (VND)
Week 1 – Start Out 200.000 300 million
Week 2 – Maintain Strength 600.000 1 billion
Week 3 – Speed Up 1.200.000 2 billion
Week 4 – Break Limits 2.000.000 3 billion


    • For the person with the longest distance run of the week: Medal, online badge, certificate, gifts from sponsors, and this person will act as the AMBASSADOR of EDURUN 2020 in the actual race planned in April 2020. In particular, 04 runners with the longest distance run of 04 weeks (aged 7-10 and living in Hanoi or Hai Phong) will stand a chance to be chosen as one of the 10 little AMBASSADORS of the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi on April 05, 2020.
    • For the class with the longest total distance run of the week: Medal, online badge, certificate, and gifts from sponsors.
    • For schools in Hanoi with the largest number of participating students and parents: students from these schools will get tickets to the rehearsal of the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix officially held in April 2020.
    • The Communication Ambassador title will be awarded weekly to those who actively share photos of their daily workouts and meaningful messages on their Facebook page. The shares are considered valid if they are accompanied by the hashtag #EDURUN_2020.
    • Prizes for individuals with the longest distance run and the Communication Ambassador title will also be awarded right on the first day of the virtual race – February 23, 2020.

Each Vinschool employee/student will be given an online account connected to their Strava account on their electronic device to have their daily steps counted. The online race system and registration link will be officially opened on February 22, 2020, and a notification about the opening together with instructions for registration and login will be sent to emails of Vinschool employees/parents.

-> Instruction for installing devices and logging system: here

  1. Rules for parents and students who using student accounts:
    • An activity is considered valid if it is running or jogging 1 km within 4-20 minutes;
    • To ensure students’ health and daily learning, the virtual race only offers 02 time slots every day: 5 AM – 8 AM, and 4 PM – 8 PM (running activities must start at no later than 8 AM or 8 PM);
    • Each iRace account accepts no more than 06 running activities per day (02 time slots every day for maximum 03 family members);
    • Parents and children joining the challenge together will use shared Strava and iRace accounts;
    • For families with more than one student studying at Vinschool, each student will use 01 Strava account connected to 01 iRace account;
    • Each account accommodates no more than 03 family members.
      2. Rules for other participants
    • An activity is considered valid if it is running or jogging 1km within 4-14 minutes.
    • The minimum distance for each activity is 1km.
    • Each account is connected to only one Strava account.
    • All activities must be recorded on electronic devices with GPS and shown on the Strava map, with details set to Public.

      3. Notes

    • In case the Add Others feature on Strava (aka Group Activities) is used, only the activities of the inviter are considered valid.
    • Activities with valid average pace but invalid or unusual pace per kilometer will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.
    • Activities created with the Upload File feature on Strava (e.g. GPX, FIT, TCX, etc.) are considered invalid.
    • Those who wish to complain about the final results should notify the Organizer no later than 03 days from the date of announcement of the results.
    • All participants should demonstrate a strong sense of integrity. Cheating detection measures are in place, and those who cheat will not have their stats accepted by the Organizer.
    • In cases of complaint, denunciation, dispute, etc., the Organizer reserves the right of the final decision.
    • Rules of the race may be adjusted or supplemented by the Organizer, and changes will be officially announced on the EDURUN website.

For more details, please contact the Organizing Board via phone number: 094 335 1010.

Register today to break your limits and help Vinschool achieve the total distance run of 2 million kilometers and contribute VND3 billion to the EDURUN 2020 fund!

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