With a desire to contribute further to the community, Vinschool Education System has decided to launch EDURUN 2020 under the theme “I race, You race, Education wins”. 

EDURUN brings together thousands of students and families and a lot of companies, organizations and celebrities to spread the spirit of compassion.

Almost a month after launch, the “30-day running challenge with Vinschool” has attracted nearly 12,000 Vinschool parents, students, teachers and staff. Many touching stories about people overcoming their own limits have been shared; thousands of beautiful moments with EDURUN 2020 have been circulated, spreading inspiration and positivity among the community.

With their small steps, each and every runner has gradually been making exercise a daily habit and contributing to bridging educational gaps, giving children in remote areas the access to better learning opportunities.

Due to the complicated developments of Covid-19 in Vietnam and other parts of the world, instead of holding an offline running event in April 2020 as planned, the EDURUN 2020 Organizing Board has decided to extend the time of the virtual race to the end of May 31, 2020 and enable individuals and organizations beyond the Vinschool Education System to participate and donate to the EDURUN 2020 Charity Fund.

Accordingly, Vinsers can continue their participation in EDURUN 2020 using their given accounts.

Newcomers will sign up for online accounts connected to their Strava accounts on their electronic devices and have their daily steps counted. Vinschool parents can get their own accounts instead of using their children’s as now. For newly registered accounts, there are no fixed time slots for running.

  • Register HERE.
  • Registration time: Registration is open on March 23, 2020, and newcomers will have their daily steps counted from March 23, 2020 until the end of May 31, 2020. Those who are interested can register and start running anytime during this time.
  • Registration fee: VND50,000 / person.

Moreover, runners can buy EDURUN T-shirts at the unit price of VND180,000.


Vinschool parents, students and employees and other individuals and organizations are highly encouraged to donate as they wish to the EDURUN Charity Fund via the payment gateway HERE.


  • See instructions for registration, app installation, T-shirt purchase and donation to EDURUN Charity Fund: Here
  • For Vinschool parents, students and employees who wish to buy EDURUN T-shirts, please make a purchase: Here

Let’s run together and become our ambassadors to promote such a great event for health, education and the community!



Held by the Vinschool Education System since 2015 to promote physical exercise for health, education and the community, EDURUN attracts tens of thousands of participants every year and helps spread the message of compassion. From the EDURUN proceeds worth VND6.9 billion collected over the years, many classrooms and schools have been built in the most underprivileged parts of Son La, Quang Tri and Dien Bien provinces.

To encourage more people to run for health, education and the community, Vinschool has decided to organize EDURUN 2020 in a completely different form – the running challenge on a virtual platform. Besides its humanitarian value, the event helps raise people’s awareness of the importance of physical exercise and motivates everyone to overcome their limits and make exercise a daily habit.

Those who are interested may register and have their workouts tracked every day with electronic devices, then data will be collected and displayed on EDURUN’s website. With the total kilometers run in each phase, the participants will contribute some money to the EDURUN Charity Fund (donated by sponsors), and detailed figures will be revealed on a weekly basis. EDURUN 2020 aims to attract 50,000 runners with 2 million kilometers run in total and VND6 billion raised for the EDURUN Charity Fund.

(*) Please contact us at HOTLINE 094 335 1010.