Held by Vinschool Education System, EDURUN spends the money it raises every year constructing classrooms and schools for poor children in underprivileged areas.

Thanks to the VND1.2 billion raised in the very first year of EDURUN (2015), 5 classrooms were built for students of Chieng So Secondary school, Song Ma district, Son La province. In 2017, with VND2 billion from the EDURUN Fund, 10 classrooms were inaugurated in 3 disadvantaged schools of Dakrong district, Quang Tri province, bringing indescribable happiness to the students on the threshold of a new school year.

In its third year in Hanoi and first year in Ho Chi Minh City, EDURUN 2018 attracted more than 21,000 participants and raised a total amount of VND3.7 billion. Accordingly, another fairy tale was told in the historic land of Dien Bien when Muong Dun Kindergarten was established and 2 classrooms were built in Sin Chai Primary school, Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province in the happiness of the local teachers and students on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory.

With 1.1 billion VND in donations raised by EDURUN 2020, Vinschool and parents were on a mission to look for the most suitable recipients across the country, hoping to help with the renovation or construction of schools and classes for the less fortunate children in remote areas. Vinschool helped build a brand new K-ooc Kindergarten school with 02 classrooms, a teacher’s room, toilets, a kitchen and a playground and an 100m3 stainless steel clean water tank for the Tan Trach Primary and Secondary Day-Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities.

With the participation of 30,000 runners, EDURUN 2021 concluded with 400,000 kilometers run and 2.2 billion VND raised. Vinschool sponsored the construction of two new schools in Dien Bien Province, in order to provide better learning opportunities to local ethnic minority children. De Tau Kindergarten (part of Muong Dun Kindergarten), Tua Chua District, Dien Bien Province built with four classrooms, a public service room, a kitchen, separate restrooms for students and teachers, a surrounding fence, and a tiled yard, with an approximate value of 600 million VND. The remaining proceeds of EDURUN 2021 was used to build Lung Thang 1 Kindergarten (part of Huoi Mi Kindergarten), Huoi Mi Commune, Muong Cha District, Dien Bien Province including 1 classroom, 1 public service room, a kitchen, a restroom for students, and a fence around the school. The schoolyard also was paved with bricks to ensure long-term use.

Soon after its launch, EDURUN 2022 saw the enthusiastic participation and support of all the teachers, staff, parents, and students at all Vinschool campuses across the country. Organized in many different forms, EDURUN 2022 not only spreads the spirit of running for education and community but also encourages participants to make running and exercise a habit.